did you start out knowing where you wanted to go, with a dream and a thirst for life? 


But then “something” changed, and now you are wondering what you need to do to get your life back on track.

Do these situations sound familiar?

  • You want to feel in control. You’re coping, but you’re sick of feeling overwhelmed. There’s little flow in your life, and you don’t know how to sort things out. How can you find the time and space to stopand think about what you want when you’ve got so much going on?
  • You’ve been on autopilot for too long, chasing a dream that no longer has meaning for you. Changing course feels scary, but the thought of staying where you are feels worse. Is it possible to rediscover the vitality and passion you used to have – without needing to do something radical?
  • You want to lower the stress levels in your life. You’re well aware of the impact stress has on your emotions and your health, and you hate what it does to your relationships. But short of quitting your job, locking your kids up till they’re adults, and moving to an ashram, what can you do?
  • You yearn for something more – but you don’t know what it is or where to find it. Somewhere along the way you lost your focus, lost your dream. You want – and need – to start over again. How can you connect with what you’re truly meant to be doing – and turn your dream into reality?
  • You’d like to be yourself with the people you love. It would be wonderful to feel safe enough to show up as who you are, without needing to wear masks. You’re both drawn to and terrified by the possibility of deeper emotional connection with those you care for.
  • You want to build the self-confidence you need to express who you truly are in the world. 
Working with Charlie opened a new territory in which to experience, explore, and develop my awareness. As a result, it is easier for me to adapt to changing conditions in business and in life with intelligence and grace
— Molly Gordon, President, Shaboom, Inc.

What would it be like to appreciate your challenges, instead of feeling overwhelmed by them?


My clients have experienced a mix of love, fulfilment, success, and supportive relationships at various times in their life – and have somehow lost their footing.

And they are seeing that a good life truly isn’t measured by money and possessions. They’re redefining success. Seeing that relationships, shared love, and a healthy, positive outlook is where true happiness lies.

They know in the bottom of their hearts that there’s a better, more rewarding way to live, to share their lives with others – even if it seems painfully distant right now.

When you engage fully and take responsibility for your life, your challenges become stepping-stones instead of obstacles. Just as an athlete relishes the exertion of going for the gold, or a musician appreciates the effort of mastering a difficult piece, you can experience challenges as opportunities to stretch and grow.

If this sounds like what you would like to explore, I invite you to contact me and I will reply with with an email to familiarize you with my coaching process, or you can simply continue to read more, and decide later.