Heartbeat Breath—Calming Breath

Your heartbeat helps to set the rhythm of your day to day life. This exercise helps you to breath in harmony with the beating of your heart. Remember, when you calm your breathing you calm your body. When you calm your body, you calm your thinking and your internal dialogue. When you calm your body and your thinking, you calm your mind.

I am – a Concept of time and identity

Learn how to formulate your intentions in a more productive manner. Find out why telling yourself what you want to accomplish, often will take you further away from your goal. This Practice assumes you have an issue, relationship, or circumstance in your life that you would like to better understand or change, over the course of time. In other words, it assumes you have an intention to somehow be or do things, differently.

Stand in “Hanmi”

This is a basic activity taken from Aikido and further elaborated on for our purposes in Seishindo. Performing this Practice from time to time will give you an active experience of developing a calm presence. When you are feeling fully present you will notice that your thinking mind and your feeling mind are both calm, yet active.

Breathing With Grace and Power

Most everyone has a tendency to restrict their breathing when they are frightened, anxious, or feeling overwhelmed. It is not “natural” to restrict one’s breathing at such times, but for most of us it is a default habit nonetheless. This Practice is meant to reawaken you to the process of breathing, and help you to reverse debilitating breathing habits, so that you can once again, “Breath with Grace and Power.”

The Gift of Forgiveness

This is a simple yet profound Practice. If you have been following and experimenting with our other Practices along the way, you might notice that today’s Practice has a very similar structure to two other Practices. These three Practices (“Today …”, “Today, my anger is about …, and ) follow a particular structure for meaningful personal dialogue that I have uncovered over the years. Little by little, absorb this structure into your bones, and then start creating your own Practices, based on different concerns!