judith delozier, co-founder of NLP and co-developer of New Code NLP

“Charlie Badenhop has been a member of and a contributor to the NLP community for many years. He has brought his knowledge of the martial arts to NLP and shared the movements, philosophy, and art of the special relationship with self and others that can be achieved through Aikido. Charlie has a keen interest in the body as a system with memory, learning ability and problem solving skills. He has held this belief in the face of the cognitive approach which is most prevalent. Charlie has created many innovations in this area that help people heal body, heart and soul.

He has explored deeply the learning process and achieved great results in language learning and other areas. Well there are many more wonderful things I could say about Charlie, but now I will say the last but not the least in any way. Charlie is a kind and true friend. With respect and love,”


Stephen gilligan, PH.D., founder of Self-Relations Therapy and author of “The Courage to Love”, www.stephengilligan.com

“Charlie Badenhop is a gifted somatic healer with unique skills and intuitive capacities. His deep understanding of mindbody relatedness comes from extensive experience in many areas – e.g., aikido, hypnosis, NLP, and Japanese healing arts – and is especially helpful to all those interested in promoting wellness in self and others.”


Steve Levin, Organizational development consultant and executive coach

“Learning from Charlie, I feel safe to be exactly who I am. As a coach to senior executives, I need ways to work deeply with people who are skeptical about anything non-linear. Charlie combines in-depth understanding with practical methods. His insight and intuition make him a master. Better still, unlike many masters, he is as unpretentious about himself as he is generous with his knowledge. As a learner, I feel safe to be exactly who I am, because Charlie is so straightforward about his humanity.”


Molly Gordon, President, Shaboom, Inc., www.mollygordon.com

“Working with Charlie opened a new territory in which to experience, explore, and develop my awareness. As a result, it is easier for me to adapt to changing conditions in business and in life with intelligence and grace.”


Cheryl McCarron, Sales and Marketing Manager

"My work with Charlie has been so important in helping me to understand that my professional life and my personal life are not nearly as separate as I had thought. This has been a great revelation. Why? Because it helped me finally start to understand about this gnawing dissatisfaction I had which was slowly eating away at everything I did. After our work together I feel like I have a new perspective on life which is much more positive in general. I have come to understand that a totally happy life requires satisfaction both personally and professionally. This has really led me to change the way I think about my career, and it has also been a major influence in helping me to change the way I manage others. Thanks so much.”


William Spencer

“Charlie has a remarkable ability to quickly get at root cause of personal effectiveness issues. Our converstaions and his guidance seemed directed from some inner spring of wisdom. For personal effectiveness coaching and sessions, I highly recommend Charlie.”



Cliff Young, Reston, Virginia

“I’ve taken many workshops in different modalities and I can say that the work Charlie does really delivers. Learning from him and participating in the demonstrations provides a profound impact that you have to experience to believe. Paradoxically, I think it is Charlie’s informal, playful style that makes it ‘easy’ for him to touch people on such a deep level. I’ve learned so much from the workshop and have been greatly impacted by participation – Highly recommended.”


Eddie Marmol, Executive & Organizational Coach, USA.

“I suffered from severe migraine headaches for many years. I had gone to many doctors, had many tests done, but to no avail. They couldn’t do anything for me. Even the strongest painkillers were useless. At the onset of a migraine, I would just lie in bed for a day or so until it went away. Then, I attended one of Charlie Badenhop’s courses. I felt as if I were awakening from a dream. On the evening of the first day, however, I was with my business partner and felt a migraine coming on. I knew the drill by now and began to envision the following day in my hotel bed. Then, my partner reminded me of what Charlie had taught us that day regarding the concept of trapped energy, and how it can cause illness in the body. We were in a restaurant, yet he had me stand up and practice some of the postures we had just learned, with the intent of releasing trapped energy. To make a long story short, the migraine dissipated within 30 minutes. That incident took place in 2002. I have not had a migraine ever since. Thank you, Charlie!”


Angela Scherma, Sales and Service Manager; FOXTEL (News Corporation Cable Coy), Australia

“The Seishindo workshop ‘Pure Heart Simple Mind’ was the most profound and extraordinary workshop that I have ever attended. Profound because of the miraculous changes that have occurred in me and extraordinary because of the unique methods used to generate those changes.”


Connie MacKinnon, Executive Coach & Management Consultant, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“My experience of Charlie and the practices of Seishindo have been nothing short of profound. By tapping into my own somatic and emotional sources of wisdom, I can now come from an authentic place in bringing these practices to my executive coaching clients. I was awed at the life-changing insights participants in his workshops were able to experience with his gentle and humble guidance.”