Walking With Grace and Power

This Practice serves you well in your daily life, as you come away feeling more centered and calm.

  1. Stand comfortably in a posture that feels “at ease” for you.
  2. Place your feet so they are just a couple of inches apart. Imagine that your two legs and feet are joined together as one unit, and that you are standing on one broad foot and leg, rather than on two ordinary legs and feet. Notice how your sense of balance shifts and how your body moves even as you “stand still.”
  3. Imagine that your pelvic area and lower abdomen (your belly button area and below) are filled with a thick lubricating liquid. The idea being that your lower body feels a liquid ease of movement.
  4. Now, shift your weight “just enough” so that all of your weight is in your right leg. Lift your left leg and take a small step forward. Your left leg should be straight as it touches the ground, first with your heel, and then rolling through the foot into the sole and toes. The width of your entire foot from outside to inside, should touch the ground with equal pressure.
  5. As you have been stepping forward with your left leg, your right leg will have been bending as you roll through your right foot and get ready to take a small step forward with your right foot and leg.
  6. When you are ready to continue moving forward, lightly place your right foot in front of you, touching the ground first with your right heel.Carry through with the same movements and sensations as you did with your left leg and foot.
  7. As you walk, pay attention to carrying the weight of your upper body in a somewhat more forward position than what is usual for you. You let the weight of your upper body fall into the area of your lower abdomen and you let this low center of gravity just ever so much impel your forward. The idea being to your movement from your lower abdomen and pelvis.
  8. Be mindful of your breathing and match it to the rhythm of your footsteps. Whatever works for you is fine. One good rhythm is: Inhale through your nose as you step first with the left foot and then with the right foot. Exhale through your nose as you step again with your left foot and then your right foot. Repeat this breathing rhythm over and over again as you walk.


  1. Take smaller steps than usual and walk slowly.
  2. Be certain that your lead foot touches heel first, and that your leg is in a relaxed straight position as the heel of your lead foot makes contact with the ground, and you POUR your weight into this lead foot.
  3. Get a walking rhythm going that matches your breath rhythm. Inhaling and exhaling together with the rhythm of your feet gliding on the ground.
  4. Once you have this going, hold an intention in the form of a mantra.For instance if you were wanting your friend John to regain his health you might speak the words- “John-Health-Love….John-Health-Love.”As another example you could use a four count mantra of “Peaceful, Calm, Happy, Love.”

Possible Additional Activities

  1. Prior to getting into your standing position, make a statement of intention, stating what you would like to accomplish. “I want a better relationship with my spouse.”
  2. Next, imagine that you have already accomplished your intention, and make an “I am” statement. For instance “I am sharing a wonderful life with my spouse.”
  3. Once you have the statement clearly in mind, go ahead and perform the basic walking Practice while calmly and slowly repeating your “I am” statement out loud.

It is likely that you will feel a shift in your emotional state in regard to your intention.

It is also excellent to do the general walking Practice while practicing giving a speech, or going over an important conversation that you are thinking of having.