Open Perspective

1. Make a statement of intention stated in “positive” terms as to what you would like to accomplish today.

2. Turn your statement of intention into an “I am” statement.

Here is how to develop an “I am” statement:
Make believe that you have already achieved the results of something you would like to work on during the course of this Practice, and make a statement that describes how your feel, and experience “life” and or yourself having ALREADY achieved the results you desire. For instance, if you are wanting to lose weight you might say, “I am healthy, maintaining an optimal body weight, and feeling good about myself.”

It is very important that you make an “I am” statement that gives you the mental image and emotional feeling of how you look and feel having ALREADY accomplished your goal, rather than using negative terms that describe how you do NOT want to be. An incorrectly formulated “I am” statement would be “I am no longer overweight and I feel good about myself.” In the same way, a successful athlete would NOT say to herself “I am no longer missing field goals during the important moments of a game.” Instead, state what you ARE doing, having already accomplished your goal, “I am making my field goals during the important moments of a game.” It is important to keep your “I am” statement simple. In general, the simpler the better.

What is important here is a soft focus with your eyes, and SLOW, mild mannered talking.

If in any way you feel like you are rushing even a tiny bit, you are to slow down, and begin again.

Maintaining a slow relaxed pace is crucial.

3. When ready, take three DEEP breaths and then repeat your “I am” statement again.

4. Now, take ONE DEEP breath and make an “open perspective” statement which is spontaneous and ad libbed in the moment.

What is meant by an “open perspective statement”?

Any statement that has seemingly nothing to do with your intention in doing this Practice, or your “I am” statement. ANY statement at all. For instance you could say something like “It snowed in late April last year.” Or “My daughter will be five years old in a week.”

5. Now again take one DEEP breath…..and make your “I am” statement again……

6. Take another DEEP breath…….and make your next “open perspective” statement……

7. Take another DEEP breath……….. and make your “I am” statement.

8. Take another DEEP breath…….and make your next “open perspective” statement……

And then again breathe deeply ………as you draw to a close.

How does your experience in any way match or mismatch your “usual” way of thinking in regard to your statement of intent? How does if feel to make your “I am” statement numerous times? Have you learned something doing this Practice?